Get Better at Photoshop

Level: Intermediate

Want to get better at Photoshop, work more quickly, and learn the advanced techniques that professionals use to create special effects?

This is a live, 4-hour class, offered online

Upcoming Date
July 24, 2018 — Online

Attend this intensive, small-group workshop focused on the nitty gritty tips and tricks used to merge photographs together in Photoshop.

We'll look at layer blend modes, clipping paths, lighting tricks, alpha channels, and curves to effectively switch out backgrounds, cut out objects with fur and hair, and create special effects with photography. Take advantage of this small group to receive individualized instruction.

In this interactive tutorial, we'll learn:

In order to be successful in this workshop, you'll need the following:


July 24, 2018 — Online
9:30am–1:30pm EDT

The online class is live and interactive, so be prepared to work along and share your screen. Only 10 participants allowed in the class. In order to be successful in this workshop, you will need a computer with camera, microphone, speakers, an internet connection, and Photoshop installed.

Cost is $50

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