A bold experiment in design and art

Creative Direction & Curation by Becky Kilimnik

So I made an art gallery. And that's just what it sounds like. I found a (gigantic) space, renovated it, solicited artists from around the country to exhibit in it, and then spent the next year and a half tirelessly curating, hanging, and marketing fine art to Atlanta and the online community while building a visual identity for the gallery as a whole.

2 Rules Fine Art is the full-scale commercial art gallery I founded in 2011 alongside my mother, Lois. (My name was Rule up until recently, hence the name of the gallery.) I have always been fascinated by the very small line that separates commercial art from fine art, and the gallery focused on works that blurred that line.

Our mission was to display, market, and sell fine art that used or referenced methods traditionally reserved for commercial art. While this meant that we featured the expected various hand-pulled prints, photography, and mixed media, it also gave us the freedom to showcase offset prints, textile patterns, costumes, and book arts, among other media.

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