More than a Minor Obsession with Mars

Invoking mid-century sci-fi aesthetics


A Student's Guide to Backyard Terraforming
2nd Edition

Meant to look like a textbook, this small little volume merges family experiences of growing up in the South in the early '60s with the theory behind using the runaway greenhouse effect to terraform Mars.

And thus began a lifelong love of making textbooks.

A Boy's Guide to Terraforming
1st Edition

Written for any plucky junior high boy with ambitions of winning his school's Science Fair, this lovely little book gives step-by-step instructions on how to terraform his very own planet.

Illustrations, easy-to-follow text, and notes on ensuring his parents and teachers know what he's up to make up this nice, hand-held guide.

Printed on a 1969 Heidelberg 1-color press with plates I painstakingly burned myself after finally getting the hang of developing separations on film.

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